the on-line directory/profile solution for Planning Center People

You work hard to get to know the people in your church, connect with them, and help them get to know each other, but you do not want to enter all of their contact information twice. Adjace solves this problem by synchronizing directly with your Planning Center People database, both for your on-line directory, and for your member information updates. If you maintain your church membership database using Planning Center's free People application (and if you aren't, you should be - in fact, you will need to set up Planning Center before setting up Adjace), you can be up and running Adjace in less than five minutes.

  • Easy

    Automatically synchronize your adjace database with your Planning Center People database using omniFolks™ technology.

  • Connected

    Help folks in your church find each other by giving them access to contact details you choose using a sub-domain you choose - [youchoose] - easy.

  • Fresh

    Allow your folks to update their own profiles and visitors to submit new profiles. You approve the updates and synchronize them with Planning Center.

  • Secure

    Allow people in your church to access your directory, but no one else. Before granting access, we verify that a new user owns the e-mail address that you have on file. Or don't allow access at all. Each feature of Adjace can be turned on and off.


Adjace Free

  • Only administrators may view the directory
  • Semi-Automatic Synchronization
  • Totally free
  • Use for as long as you like

Adjace Standard

  • Folks may view the directory
  • Folks may update their profiles
  • Anonymous profiles (connection cards) may be received
  • Fully Automatic Synchronization
  • 30-day free trial
  • Price based on church size (folks in the directory)
  • Cancel anytime

    Up to 50 People Free
    Up to 200 People $10/month
    Up to 500 People $20/month
    Up to 1250 People $40/month
    Up to 3000 People $80/month
    Up to 7500 People $150/month
    Unlimited People $200/month